Our Services

Group Maintenance is Perth's leading provider of maintenance solutions for commercial kitchen equipment. Providing professional services to the hospitality industry 7 days a week, we offer a wide range of quality services and trades to cater to the needs of commercial kitchens across the Perth metropolitan area. In addition to specialising in the maintenance and repair of commercial glass washers and commercial dishwashers, we also offer a number of quality services that range from commercial oven repairs to the sale of supplies such as commercial dishwashing detergent. Group Maintenance also offer the ability to purchase new and second hand commercial kitchen equipment in Perth. We believe that the people who service and maintain your commercial cooking equipment are also the best informed to sell you that equipment, after all we've had over 45 years of industry experience.


Our motivated team has been fortunate enough to draw upon our 45+ years of experience in glass & dishwasher repairs. We are the industry leaders..hands down. Our fully stocked parts workshop strives to carry a massive range of parts to suit all major brands. We aim to attend once and leave your machinery running. Thats what we do best.


Once again our gas technicians have been part of our team for many decades. Gas Ovens,Ranges and Fryers are what we do. Experienced, highly motivated and ready… thats what we do best...


Once again we are fortunate enough to have incredibly ready and motivated A grade Electricians that are experienced in many facets in commercial kitchens. Exhaust fans, power supplies , bench top equipment repairs, electrical ovens, toasters …their list goes on and on…Thats what we do best.