Norris AP750

The AP750 is a high-performance ergonomic pass through dishwasher. The AP750 will move even the hardest baked on food residue, reducing the need for double washing.

  • Norris AWC Controller
  • 2-Year parts & labour Warranty
  • 60/90/120/Manual/Descale Cycles
  • Up to 1080 plates per hour*
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Most business owners would agree, working in the hospitality industry can be incredibly rewarding yet extremely challenging at times. As your business grows, demands on staff increase and inevitably equipment that met the challenges in the early years can start to hamper your kitchens workflow. As kitchens become overly busy, they can become hazardous, so if you feel that your current washer is no longer up to the task, it’s time to consider that vital upgrade and consider the benefits of an ergonomic pass-through dishwasher. A high-performance dishwasher can make a significant impact on your busy kitchen, capable of handling vast volumes of dishware fast while powering through stubborn stains with ease. The AP750 Upright Commercial Dishwasher from Norris is a high-performance, ergonomic pass through dishwasher designed to remove even the hardest baked-on food residue, reducing the need for double washing. When it comes to hard-hitting performance, the AP750 can handle up to 1080 plates / 45 loads per hour, that’s fast enough to keep up with the busiest of kitchens making backlogs of dirty dishes a thing of the past. Norris has built its reputation through it’s creative, functional design, durability and reliability built into every dishwasher. Made right here in Australia at our Caves Beach factory, we use only the best, quality materials and components in the manufacturer of our dishwashers. Each cabinet, heating boiler and internal wash components, filters and scrap trays are made from quality, robust stainless steel to resist corrosion and increase durability and longevity. The Norris AP750 dishwasher connects quickly to any 3-phase power outlet and a cold water connection. Once your dishwasher is at operating temperature, it is immediately available to clean with three easy to use wash cycles to choose from designed to get your dishes sparkling clean in next to no time at all. Rest assured when you choose a Norris dishwasher, your purchasing from a company that has built its reputation based on quality, functionality and durability over six decades - your machine is backed with a five-year control board and two-years parts and labour warranty.

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