Lamber Dishwashers & Glass Washers

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Group Maintenance is Perth’s leading commercial kitchen equipment supplier stocking a range of high performance commercial dishwashers from leading brand Lamber.

Lamber’s range of high performance commercial dishwashers and glasswashers are manufactured to be heavy-duty. Built from stainless steel, these commercial products are created to withstand heavy use and are perfectly suited for a busy commercial kitchen. Lamber commercial dishwashers are designed and built in Italy and imported into Australia by HE2020 who are based in NSW and carry a large range of Lamber commercial dishwashers and other products and parts and cover their warranty.

View the range of commercial dishwashers in Perth from Group Maintenance:

Commercial Glasswashers
Bar Glasswasher GS350
Bar Glasswasher GS581
Bar Glasswasher GS581H
Bar Glasswasher GS581P
Cup & Glasswasher GS400
Commercial Dishwashers
HD Dish & Glasswasher S510
HD Inline Commercial Dishwasher L21
HD Inline Commercial Dishwasher L25
HD Inline Commercial Dishwasher L415
HD Underbench Commercial Dishwasher GS800
HD Underbench Commercial Dishwasher GS900
Inline Commercial Dishwasher L18
Pass Through DW with Steam Condenser L305-CV
Front Pot Washer LP-SERIES
Front Pot Washer Steam Condenser CVP-M
Front Pot Washer Steam Condenser CVP-S-PLP
Pass Through Pot Washer Steam Condenser CVP-S-PT
Pot Washer P700EK
Ware-Washing Pot Washer P550EK
Utensil Washer PT800EK


Contact Group Maintenance today to enquire about a Lamber commercial dishwasher or dishwasher repairs in Perth on 08 9341 4510.