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Commercial Dishwashers for sale

If you’re looking to buy a commercial dishwasher, look no further than Group Maintenance. We have several different commercial dishwashers for sale, including Norris & Lamber. All commercial dishwashers for sale come with a full manufacturer’s warranty. We’ll do our best to be at your business site on the same day as the request is made, or within a 24-hour period.

For the past two generations, we have been supplying new commercial dishwashers and equipment to clients and repairing broken equipment with high standard of quality service.

You will be supported by the absolute best in the industry, ready to offer timely solutions that work with your business.

We don’t delay – we have specialised technicians for your commercial dishwasher installation.

Our techs carry all major parts, backed by a large workshop, to order or supply whatever else may be needed.

Simple finance on your terms is now available for sales & service.

Washtech M2

Professional Passthrough
Dishwasher – 500mm Rack

2.4 litre per cycle hot water consumption

Cleans up to 1000 plates per hour
Powerful wash with assured final rinse technology
Multi-cycle selection

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Washtech AL

Fully Insulated Premium Passthrough
Dishwasher – 500mm Rack

Huge capacity, with a high-power 1.1hp wash pump
2.4 litres per cycle hot water consumption
Cleans up to 1400 plates per hour
Reverse Osmosis compatible for spot free results

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Washtech UD

Professional Undercounter
Dishwasher/Glasswasher – 500mm Rack
Quikstart 1, 2 and 3 minute cycles
Washes up to 1,080 plates / 1,500 glasses per hour
QuikConnect Installation

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Washtech GM

Professional Undercounter
Glasswasher and Light Duty
Dishwasher – 450mm Rack
Washes up to 840 plates/ 960 glasses per hour each Group Maintenance
Low hot water consumption of 2.2 litres per cycle

Advanced electronic controls with selectable cold rinse, soft start wash and self-cleaning cycle

Sanitising at 88 degrees

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